IMPORTANT: It seems this uploaded with the incorrect version of the content warnings. I regret the error. Content warnings for this game:

  • Firearms
  • Violence at infrequent intervals
  • Major character death

After the end of the jam I will update the game to include the correct content warnings.


Crane's Odyssey tells the story of Antony Crane, a man on the hunt for his husband who went missing one month ago in mysterious circumstances.

A private detective he hired is on the case, and tells him he might have a lead on his location - an old industrial warehouse on the edge of town...

What follows is a series of strange events that take Crane - and his new friend - through a bizarre world, and back through their own memories.

Note: The HTML version of this game appears to have audio issues. Crane's Odyssey is best experienced directly in the Spinoff app (iOS only).

Asset credits:

"silver smartphone" ( by geekingfreaking3d is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Train - Mark 3 Carriage Std Open Rail Blue" ( by timblewee is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

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